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Simple Rules we Live By

Just like the principles help define the Enduring Understandings that guide our curriculum work, they help define our attitudes. How is it that a Camino School student should face life in our community? How do we look at challenges, at relationships, at ourselves?

Learner profiles are a way we help them understand how to act and reflect on our actions. They help us remember the pathways as we move through daily and support our self reflection and the convivial simple rules of our community. Because we are in an open-boundary system, we are learners able to constantly adjust to complexity. Because we see diversity as a definition of resilience, we are kind to one another from the start. Because we are agents of change, we are the school and it looks like us always.

The reason you see these statements everywhere is because everyone is a learner in our community: students, teachers, families. They are really important to align our efforts and support our mission. Look at the chart below:

Next time you come to school try to see some of those in action!

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